Reflection on the Global Perspectives Program 2019

On Starting an Academic Career in Switzerland In Switzerland, vocational education is highly respected and encouraged, and creating and maintaining connections with industry partners is highly desirable for faculty in technological and applied science disciplines.  Moreover, Swiss universities tend to offer high levels of assistance to graduate students that are transitioning to industry, as only […]

Preparing for #GPPVT19

OsmAnd is an offline maps app for navigating using GPS/Galileo/GLONASS data. A cloud drive (such as google drive) provides me with online and offline access to my travel docs and color-scans of my identification papers. My mobile has encryption on for its SD card and operating system that is password protected. Backpack acquired:p

Doctorate education in the USA

Doctorate education in the US is a scaffold towards academic positions in colleges and universities both in and out of the US. The usual conversation is around the time it takes to get a degree (read more here) and what Academia and related jobs will morph into during the next 5 to 10 years (read […]

Global Perspectives

The economic connections among different countries drive their social connections. Mobility of population should be analyzed with a global perspective in mind. Mobility can be thought as long-term and short-term. A topic on short-term population mobility is of interest to academic faculty. The exchange of knowledge across countries has been an important task of all […]

Short Poetry

Poems of Days:Short Dynamic Poetry #1Feel of morning’s chillness,call of chirping birds;awaken.Bodies sharing heat,greet a day together;aware.Moments for mind, for body after,off-to-business happy.Feels they’re most smiling ones;a day; call it . #2Close to the ,the water is dirty.Faint light and sound;emotions flicker.Droplets,droplets appear.A pouring of words;yet our bodies converse.Soaked by the rain,we budge closer.Dancing,dancing is […]