Poems of Days:
Short Dynamic Poetry

Feel of morning’s chillness,
call of chirping birds;
Bodies sharing heat,
greet a day together;
Moments for mind, for body after,
off-to-business happy.
Feels they’re most smiling ones;
a day; call it Thursday.

Close to the pond,
the water is dirty.
Faint light and sound;
emotions flicker.
droplets appear.
A pouring of words;
yet our bodies converse.
Soaked by the rain,
we budge closer.
dancing is near.

Death may claim me;
she made me.
I am not ready, but will not
be mad; mad at her.
Coughing now and then,
makes a stronger animal,
stronger animal.
One day, earth will make us smart,
to look beyond our nose.
To look, and see,
the nearby space.
To see, and understand,
the nearby future.

Affirmations and opinions,
like onions in food;
We ‘ve eaten, eaten many.
we ‘ve heard, heard many.
Pollutants for our judgment,
extensions of our misbehavior.
During a war,
importance fades to black;
ego in white.

I look out of the window.
I see you not.
In clear sky, a sunset fades.
Then look around me.
Can’t see you, still.
Few talk, some walk and many stare.
Screens, laptops, mobiles at hand.
Text that needs no bird to fly.
A window out;
I gaze at it.

Share your dreams with me,
what are you waiting for?
Sketch your dreams with me,
what stops you from?
Work with me, plan with me,
enjoy with me, dance with me,
loosen up; wait no more.

You inspire me, yet;
words are cheap,
actions realize!
Creativity is my drug.
My best self is planning,
I tire myself with practice,
and pleasure is my vice.

Incomprehensible insecurities,
insufficient privileges,
desire to compete,
a social;

While begging for opportunities,
in the forest of hesitations,
try to steer away from lessons;
seek for the observations.

When I’m happy,
Dancing makes me move; move.
Actions say more; more than words.
When I listen,
Joyfulness makes me happy.
Living is now.
then I need.
Cooperation makes me whole;
living falls into place.

The greenest meadow,
the sunniest day;
most colorful sky with animated clouds,
stories from years and years of evolution.
The structured branches, a smell of spring;
such flower decoration, such tuned wind.
Did you imagine?
Can’t beat the urge for socialization.

Craving the big city,
to find the small
in the bigger garden.
Apples, pears, plums –
tastes cycle from desire
to disgust.
Think we do, and
thoughts we get.
upon request.

I don’t enjoy life by talking.
Enjoyable is being
in moments.
Drawing, dancing, reading,
sleeping, hiking, observing,
writing, exercising, listening,
crafting alone, and with others.
Talk is not a treat.

Things, the loved-ones,
reserve a place in our lives.
People, as artifacts,
appear in daily business.
Wicked fruit or
we choose.

Muster a life’s experience,
then go on with living.
The non-existing bridge,
a way onward
with listening,
with craving a truth,
in relationships.

Here among the living,
I act to challenge;
Rest in comfort,
I will;
among the dead.

Op-op-op and there you go
sing a song that you don’t know
op-op-op there goes some structure
op and op and ooooop break!
Op-op-op and now you now
getting better with the flow
op-op-op some fancy mood
op and some-solo…
Trans-trans-trans transposing now
singing notes on higher ground
Repeat again
Ohh, shut it!