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A Note on Teaching Philosophy

My focal teaching objective is to mentor students in developing life-long learning skills. For this purpose I encourage students to aim at expanding their knowledge and skills by accepting failure as an experience to reflect upon critically. My lesson plans ask learners to reason topics out collaboratively and to share technical knowledge by showcasing examples to promote learning from each other. I also believe in learning environments that foster practice for the development of technical skills such as coding and programming in teams, because I value technical competence and teamwork.

To be sufficiently prepared to create a learning experience, I integrate methods from my research into my teaching by incorporating instruments, objectives, and models from my research in my lesson plans for hands-on workshops. Such practice enables me to teach based on my prior knowledge of possible teamwork problems, actual working solutions, experience in possible outcomes, and necessary resources so that I may assess the learning process on an individual level.

Additional teaching objectives include the maintenance and harvest of diversity among learners. I respect the individuality of learners, thus I monitor the efficiency of my teaching per learner by asking them to realize projects that apply expected learning outcomes. Moreover, I attempt adjustments and personal interventions to help each learner expand their rationality boundaries. I provide explicit class timelines to facilitate students’ time management and also prepare learning activities in accordance with learner desires relevant to learning goals in order to increase self-motivation among learners. I honor my ethical responsibility to refrain from teaching topics that I don’t qualify for.